In conversation with Manasi Salvi

I am not really bothered about the meatiness of my role – Manasi Salvi

Manasi Salvi, who apparently has been paid a bomb to star in the Zee TV show, Papa By Chance, has no qualms about not being seen a lot.

“Since these creative calls are not in my hands and I don’t bother about them. It is my job to give 100% to my role, and that alone is in our hands. Beyond that, we really don’t know how it will be received. Also, as TV takes a lot of my time, I don’t want to waste my energy on extraneous factors. I’d rather give some more time to my personal life.”

Going on, she adds, “Having been around for 20 odd years, I know that a show does not revolve around just one character, and eventually, it is the channel and production house that take a considered call based on lots of research.”

Has your role come out exactly as promised or has it been chopped off? “No, it is coming out as promised.”

When we ask about the heavy payment, she says, “I don’t work for money, but yes, I am glad that the makers appreciate what I bring to the table.”

Talking about the show, she says, “Papa By Chance is a different concept, for it deals with an unmarried rich brat, singer Yuvan (Zebby Singh),who ends up taking care of three kids for selfish reasons and how it ends up making him more responsible and mature.”

“Our Full House Media presentation also focuses on how youngsters feel when their parents, especially mothers, remarry. Yuvan too is unhappy when Sucharita (my character’s name) decides to wed our business manager, Harman Baweja (Jiten Lalwani), after years of an unhappy marriage ends with her cheating husband’s death. You can say ours is a take on parenting different age groups.”

Point out that she seems blind to the bad deeds of her second husband, “Well, few things have happened in her life which make her trust Harman blindly. Plus, you need to understand that Sucharita is hungry for love, which she never got from her first marriage, and he has somehow managed to convince her that he cares. The evil guy has weaved such a magic snare around me that I even refuse to believe Yuvan who does not want me to fall in his trap. The entire intrigue factor excites me a lot.”

In closing, she refuses to talk more about her recent divorce. “I have already said what I had to. Adding more might not help my career. Hence, I prefer to talk only about my work.”

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