I am not social media crazy: Shilpa Saklani

Candid chat with Shilpa Saklani

I am not social media crazy: Shilpa Saklani

Shilpa Saklani, who is playing a sexy vish kanya in Colors show, Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara, really can’t get the beast called Social Media (SM). “Today’s younger lot of actors are totally taken in by Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They view everything only in terms of followers and likes.”

I have never understood this craze. Agreed, SM is important in terms of admiring and endorsement, but don’t let it rule your life. Here, Gen next fails to understand the transient nature of fame. Don’t we have examples of actors who have been just one-show wonders? The real challenge is to survive the long haul.”

Shilpa has been lucky to have been around, starting with the iconic Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, followed by Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin and Chandrakanta (Colors) etc. “I have always made it a point to not repeat myself lest I start boring my audiences. No wonder I have taken breaks. But these off-work periods are a self-choice and not hoisted upon me.”

Talking about what made her say yes to her current Rashmi Sharma Telefilms project, she says, “I had never played such a strong negative before. Plus I so wanted to come out of the chiffon sari clad, good bahu look and try out something different. Some people might question the logic of supernatural, but  let’s face it; it sells. Last but not the least, Vrinda (character name) also gave me a chance to look really glamorous, something that I have never tried before. Hubby Apoorva also pushed me, for this is so unlike me.”

Shilpa is having a great time shooting with Falaq Naaz ,Lavina Tandon and Soni Singh, who play her sisters in Sitara. “I just love them. We get along like a house on fire.”

Point out that the ratings of Sitara are not very great, and she says, “We are trying our best to bring the show back on an even keel; a new promo has also been cut. I think it is the 10.30 pm late night slot that is working against us, given the winter climate up north. Most people are off to bed by then. This might have also been the cause for low ratings of other Colors show, Tantra, as well, which airs after us at 11.” The latter show has now been given a 9.30 pm slot.

“But I am sure that with spring and summer not far away, things should perk up soon. Our story is also opening up big time, which should resonate with the viewers.”

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