Jasmin Bhasin who was in the Bigg Boss house last weekend talks about her fabulous experience..

Performing as Arshi was tough; my favourite in the house is Hiten Tejwani – Jasmin Bhasin

Last weekend was a no ordinary weekend in the Bigg Boss house with many actors from shows on Colors, entering the house.

Actor Jasmin Bhasin, who was one of them, was supposed to imitate contestant Arshi Khan and all we can say is that she did a brilliant job.

Says Jasmin, “It was great. Though I just went as a guest, we were shooting as it is normally shot, with mics on. I realized how difficult it is to be watched 24*7.”

Further she states, “Performing as Arshi was tough for me; she has this unique style of talking and behaving and trust me, it’s not easy to copy her.”

Ask her who her favourite contestant in the house is, and she says, “I like Hiten. He is playing really smart.”

The biggest part of visiting the Bigg Boss house is getting to interact with host Salman Khan. Jasmin, too, enjoyed meeting the superstar. “Meeting Salman sir was amazing. I have met him once before as well. Every time I go, I decide I’ll take a selfie with him because I am a huge fan but as soon as I see him, I freeze and forget everything. He is really very sweet,” she says.

While she enjoyed the short time she spent in the house, Jasmin is not ready to be part of the show. “I am not so brave, you need to be brave enough to let the world see the real you,” she says.

We too enjoyed watching you in Bigg Boss, Jasmin!!

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