Vibhav Roy on being part of controversial film Padmaavat

It was a pleasure sharing screen space with Ranveer Singh: Vibhav Roy

Normally, if a TV actor does any film role, however small, he goes to town about it.

However, Vibhav Roy of Gustakh Dil and Doli Armaanon Ki, who played Ranveer Singh’s cousin in Padmaavat, is silent about it. Guess he realized that the entire Karni Sena controversy has overshadowed everything else.

When we reached out to Vibhav, this is what he had to say-

“It was an interesting experience, doing Sanjay Leela Bhansali Sir’s magnum opus. I had a lot of fun on the floor.”

On working with Ranveer Singh,he says, “It was a pleasure sharing screen space with him. He was very supportive, offering suggestions, when asked for.”

Like all other Padmaavat actors, he too refused to talk about the controversy. But does he think he lost out, as it became the focal point of attention to everyone else’s detriment? “I did what was required, period. I am just happy doing creative projects.”

Interestingly, since Padmaavat is a costume drama, Vibhav’s fans also didn’t seem to recognize him. “Those who did were happy for me.” He played Alauddin Khilji’s cousin, Itat Khan, who tried to kill him and take over the throne of Delhi.

Here, Vibhav was honest enough to admit that he is clueless as to how Padmaavat will help his career.

Looking ahead, he has a couple of projects, but does not want to talk about it.

Furthermore, Vibhav does not discriminate between TV, films and web. “The medium is secondary. It all boils down to your choices and your hard work. If you make the right decision, lady luck also chips in.”

On his choice of roles, he says, “I don’t like very straight-jacketed characters, be it positive or negative. I like to dabble in the grey zone, with lots of layering, which makes for good essaying as an actor.”

But when we ask whether TV really offers space for multi-dimensional work, he says, “I don’t like to generalize. There are some very creative producers and channel heads who also want to etch out different characters.”

Vibhav was unceremoniously shunted out of Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan, along with co-star Shritama Mukherjee, when the show did not get good ratings.

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