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Choti Sarrdaarni actor Hitesh Bhardwaj talks about his journey.

I prefer impactful roles: Choti Sarrdaarni actor Hitesh Bhardwaj

Young and talented Hitesh Bhardwaj who plays the role of Manav/Vikram in Colors’ Choti Sarrdaarni, prefers impactful roles. He says, “I prefer impactful roles, it doesn’t matter what the shade is.”

Talking about his experience working for the show so far, he says, “The experience so far has been absolutely delightful. Not that we don’t face ups and down or that I don’t have good and not-so-good days, but at the end of it, when I see the viewers entertained and happy, I feel content. So yes, it has been quite a journey and I am happy to see where it takes me as an artist.”

While playing Vikram/Manav, Hitesh has had challenges, commenting on the same, he shares, “You mean apart from adjusting to heavy tailored suits and coats! (smiles) Jokes aside, the most challenging aspect is the hold on the emotion which remains constant while the character undergoes multiple changes. To maintain that connection and to constantly work on keeping myself centered around a primary emotion is not easy. However, that is what pretty makes the transition from Manav to Vikram worthy. I guess when you are not carrying the baggage of always being right or always being plain positive, you get to enjoy the real variation and shades.”

Your character saw a 360 change so how difficult it was to bring the variation? He adds, “As I said, it is by no means a regular, ‘run of the mill’ task. This character goes through some extreme circumstances and is born out of pain and longing. The transition has been massive, right from the way he now dresses, to being this new polished and street smart officer. I have worked hard on my physique so that I can transform to Vikram from Manav. I also worked on my body language, my dialogues and my reactions. I cannot call it easy or difficult, but it is very interesting to retain the core and yet transform as a personality.”

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