On December 13, 2015, professional cricketer Rohit Sharma wed Ritika Sajdeh, the love of his life. The romance between Rohit and Ritika is a true filmi Kahani. Ritika and Rohit first became romantically involved when she managed sports events for him. When they first started meeting for work, those gatherings quickly evolved into date nights.

Yuvraj Singh’s muhboli behen is the cricketer Ritika. Ritika is Yuvraj Singh’s sister; thus, he cautioned Rohit to avoid her when he first met her. With Samaira, the social media community’s favorite celebrity child, Ritika, and Rohit have created a wonderful paradise.

Ritika Sajdeh, Rohit Sharma’s wife, shared the nicest photo of the father-daughter pair on her Instagram account on April 30, 2021. It was the cricket player’s 34th birthday. Ritika posted a photo of Rohit napping and putting his head on his daughter Samaira’s lap as a birthday greeting. Ritika wrote, “Along with the lovely photo,” “Ro, happy birthday. We will always consider you to be the best thing to ever occur to us. I genuinely believe that you make the world a better place.”

Ritika Sajdeh tweeted five lovely images of her husband, taken down memory lane, to wish Rohit Sharma a happy birthday. “Happy birthday to the person who makes me laugh till I can’t breathe, to my favorite travel partner, to my best friend, to the best dad, to the person who can’t sing even if his life depended on it.” Ritika had written in a nice message that was included with the lovely collection of photographs.

Rohit and Ritika had been happily married for five years on December 13, 2020. The batsman posted several adorable photos of the love of his life on Instagram to mark the occasion. “5 yrs of adoration, and we aim to stay not out until the end,” he had commented next to it, using the handle @ritssajdeh. Ritika and her husband Rohit also uploaded beautiful photos from their portfolio. She had additionally added, “Greetings, my sweetheart @rohitsharma45. For the rest of our lives, you are mine.”

On his Instagram account, Rohit Sharma frequently posts pictures of his angel Samaira. Rohit posted a photo of himself and Samaira on August 28, 2020, in which his little angel was kissing her father. Rohit was posing while sporting the shirt of the Mumbai Indians and was prepared for his first day of IPL training in Dubai.

Source: Bollywood Shaadi

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