Indraneel Bhattacharya the versatile senior actor who has been part of many successful TV shows, has been busy over the last few years with web series and films like Bebaakee, Batla House, Sacred Games 2, Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu etc. But now, Indraneel is all into playing the very important character of being the father of the two beautiful leading ladies in Star Plus’ popular show Imlie, produced by 4 Lions Films.

Important, we say, as his character Dev Chaturvedi has been a vulnerable lover and husband, at the same time, a very passionate and loving father. Dev is the father of Malini (Mayuri Deshmukh) but is also the biological father of Imlie (Sumbul Touqeer) which makes it all the more complicated.

We at got into an exclusive chat with Indraneel and told him that this role in Imlie is certainly a biggie for him. Accepting this fact, the actor explains, “Yes, it is definitely a biggie, considering the importance of my character, DEV, in IMLIE. I have been extremely fortunate with most of the characters I’ve played and DEV is most certainly right up there.”

Ask him how relatable is it for him to play the erred yet loving father and husband and Indraneel states, “As an actor, it is my professional and personal responsibility to do full justice to the character I’m portraying, whether I can relate to the character personally or not. But as far as DEV is concerned, I feel the character belongs to me and I belong to it.”

Talking about being part of the team, he avers, “The production value, the writing, direction, creative inputs, camera work, artwork and most definitely the performances, everything is so wonderful and perfectly depicted. Basically, the bonhomie in the entire team is so very pleasing.”

Tell him that he plays father to two beautiful ladies Mayuri Deshmukh and Sumbul Touqeer and ask him about their tuning, he exclaims, “Mayuri, Sumbul and I are still trying to figure out who is the most badmaash of the three, for which we have a voting process going on. As soon as the results are in, I’ll let you know (laughs). But all the badmaashi is off-screen. On-screen I try my best to match up to those two powerhouses of talent.”

Ask him about his takeaways from the role of Dev and he is quick to say, “It is one of the most satisfying experiences ever in my rather long career. From the care taken by FOUR LIONS to the near familial bonding between all of us, all have fallen in place so well. One thing is for sure, whenever IMLIE ends (which I hope it never does) there are going to be a lot of tears flowing, both sad and happy.”

On what can viewers expect from the drama ahead, he quips, “Oh! Plenty of drama, emotion, action et all. Since the upcoming storyline is exciting us so so much, we are sure it will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.”

Lastly, his message to the fans watching Imlie will be, “We are all in a very difficult situation, in which we, the entertainers, are trying our best to bring some cheers, smiles and happiness into your homes. Please put in a small prayer for all of us to be safe while we work and all of you please take care, stay safe and please wear your mask.”

You are doing a great job as Dev, Keep it up!!