It is sad that mother characters on TV are so one-dimensional: Moon Banerrjee

In conversation with Moon Banerrjee

It is sad that mother characters on TV are so one-dimensional: Moon Banerrjee

Moon Banerrjee, currently playing a mother’s role in STAR Bharat show Musakaan, is not very happy with the way women her age are depicted on screen. “The moment you cross 30-35, you will only be given mother roles which are sadly, one-dimensional. You are either the good mother or the bad mother, period. My Musakaan character too fits the prototype positive mother, who can’t think beyond her traditional edifice.”

“I have often grappled with the fact that why can’t we show women as they are. But sadly, TV for the moment caters more to rural audiences that are not yet ready to accept modern themes i.e. married women can fall out love. If I stick to my guns for long, I will be out of work.”

“Ironically, such concepts have been treated with great sensitivity before, in shows such as Hasratein, etc. Such mature content has now moved lock, stock and barrel to the online space, courtesy Netflix, Amazon Prime and other OTT biggies.”

Moon, coming from a liberal background, would have no problem doing bold roles (nudity) on the web if the character so demands. “Any true artist will do what it takes to justify his/her character. I had even agreed to grey my hair in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, to look old, for Drashti Dhami, who played my onscreen daughter, is not much younger to me in real life.”

Unlike many other married actresses who refrain from going very bold, Moon says, “I have no such qualms as I am answerable to no one but myself. My only point of concern would be what my son will think of his mother when he grows older. But yes, today’s generation is very broadminded. Also, why should I restrict myself from exploring all aspects of my craft?”

Interestingly, Moon, who has been around for years, starting as a child artist, and later finding adult success with Kasautii Zindagii Kay, has not done too much work compared to other actors. “Yes, I have taken huge breaks. There was even a 10 month gap between my last show (Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi) and Musakaan. I like to work at my pace and also devote enough time to my family and other important stuff, which you can’t if you are part of a daily.”

“The much-feared out of sight out of mind syndrome does not hold water for me, for having been around for so long, most people know me. It is not that work does not come. It’s just that I prefer to take regular timeouts.”

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