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Adnan Khan who is all set to shoot with Eisha Singh again in Ishq Subhan Allah gets talking about her comeback and more.

I see this as a chance to do great work with Eisha Singh again: Adnan Khan

Adnan Khan the lead actor of Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah has resumed shoot for the show!!

The best part for all the loyal audiences is that the original female lead Eisha Singh is back on the show, with Tunisha Sharma opting out.

As we know, the onscreen Jodi of Adnan Khan and Eisha Singh was hugely popular post which Eisha’s movie commitment prompted her to move out of the show.

We at IWMBuzz.com talk to an excited Adnan Khan who says, “Yes, Kabir and Zara’s love story will be in the focus now. We are all very excited to have Eisha back on the show. A lot of people on the set are happy with Eisha getting back. Of course, fans too are overwhelmed with this news. Nothing to take away from Tunisha here, as she did a great job. But yes, it was like a family with Eisha and everyone.”

Ask him how their reunion on set was and Adnan states, “No, I have not shot with her yet. There have only been scenes of mine till now. When I heard the news, it was super-exciting for me. I see it as a chance to do great work with Eisha again. All said and done, it was great working with Tunisha. But with Eisha it is different as she is a very different kind of an actor. She comes across as a very young actress with oodles of experience.”

Adnan with all confidence says, “Hopefully a good love story will be seen in Ishq Subhan Allah now.”

Talking of the number game, Adnan quips, “I will not worry about numbers now. Numbers change every week; they are not constant. I will like to emphasize again that I look at this as a chance to do good work with her.”

On shooting amid all the safety measures taken, Adnan avers, “All is good on the set. I am the kind of person who needs to be reminded every now and then on wearing the mask and keep a note of all the safety precautions to be taken. I have been the careless guy always, but yes this is also a learning phase.”

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