Manav Gohil who plays the lead in Shaadi Mubarak gets into an exclusive conversation with

Shaadi Mubarak is all about women stepping out and making a mark: Manav Gohil

Manav Gohil has been in the industry for long to study well the characters that fall into his lap and pick the best!!

He has done the same again, in Shaadi Mubarak the new Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions.

Over the last few years, we have seen him in varied roles and there is no doubt that he always proves his mettle in every character he dons!! He was a class act in Tenali Rama and was a total opposite of that in Kesari Nandan.

In Shaadi Mubarak, he plays the role of Keertan Tibrewal (KT) who is spunky and a charming human being.

We get into an exclusive conversation with Manav Gohil on his new role and on his journey as an actor so far.


Congrats on the show Shaadi Mubarak. The start has been really good.

Thanks a lot!!

First of all, what is the secret of you looking younger by the day?

(laughs) Thank you for that!! It is the need of the hour. The lockdown also compelled me to work a little harder to remain fit. With a lot of time at hand, there was time for family and to take care of my own well-being. I think all of it fell in place for me.

You are looking the best. Compliments on that.

Thank you. I am trying (smiles).

What according to you is the USP of Shaadi Mubarak?

It is a fresh content in a package and combination that one has not seen. Most of them are pleasantly surprised on seeing me and Rajshree being part of the show. The story line is very much evolved; something that has not been done in the past decade. This is not about kitchen politics. It is about women stepping out and making a mark. It is a slice of life show.

Shaadi Mubarak is all about women stepping out and making a mark: Manav Gohil 1

Tell us about your character KT?

KT is a happy-go-lucky guy. He knows how to laugh in the phase of difficulty. He does not take life that seriously, but he takes himself very seriously at times. He has a spirit to live; he has crossed 40 and enjoys life with his zest and enthusiasm.

How is it working with Rajshree again?

When we worked together, she was playing a cameo. It was not for a long period that we worked together in it. Also we were not in touch with each other for a long time. But the fact that we both belong to the same times, and with the kind of work we have done, makes us feel happy. She is extremely sincere; working with her on a scene is very much easier. There is no lethargy or arrogance about anything. We work together to construct a scene and execute it. It is good to work with somebody who does not have baggage.

For Rajshree it is a comeback of sorts. So when you heard you are cast opposite her, how did you react? 

I was happy for the show itself. I was hoping that they would cast someone who is a sincere and good actor. Rajshree is just the right person to carry out this character. She is very composed, balanced, poised. She has seen life and she is also a mother now. Women transform tremendously once they reach motherhood.

How do you choose your roles given the variety you have picked in the last few years? 

Of course, I go by my gut. Also I go by the conviction of my people when it comes to my character. I did not want to do Yum Hai Hum when I got my first call. Same was with Tenali Rama. When I was offered this role too, I was not sure. But when people have the conviction, I rely on them. Shashiji was pretty convinced that I should be doing it.

Shaadi Mubarak is all about women stepping out and making a mark: Manav Gohil 2

The promos give a message that love can be rekindled even in the couples in their middle-age bracket. Does Shaadi Mubarak somewhere connect to such middle-aged couples?

People tend to get inspired seeing a good life, right!! When I read the script of KT, I find a new meaning in his living. Hopefully the show should touch the chords of couples who have seen life. There is life even after 40, right? I would say that my life is much better now when compared to what it was earlier with respect to my fitness, health and many other things.

What is your personal take on such relationships that Shaadi Mubarak explores?

I don’t want to give in at any point of time because of the years that I have lived. I will always want to continue to be healthy in mind and persona. And somewhere this thought connects with that of the show.

How has the response been to the promos from your well-wishers and family?

I have got very encouraging response. Shweta, my parents are happy. When Shweta saw the promo, she said this is the kind of show that is required for Indian TV right now. She believes that I have not done something like this before. People are looking forward to this concept and we hope we don’t disappoint them in terms of content.

How are you gelling with the youth in the cast of the show?

There is a lot of fun on the sets. Youth is somehow very curious, inquisitive and happy to learn. So all the interactions are really sweet.

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