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Shehnaaz’s fears give away her guilt in Bigg Boss: Parag Tyagi

Bigg Boss 13 wild card entry Shefali Jariwala’s actor husband Parag Tyagi trains his guns on her fellow contestants Siddharth Shukla, Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill. Starting with Shukla, Parag says, “Yes, Shefali had a relationship with him years ago, even before she got married to her first husband, Harmeet Gulzaar. We came together in 2009 and she has never hidden anything from me or her folks. I had advised her to tell the truth if asked, as she has not committed a crime. Why should I have an issue with her past? That would be silly,” says Parag, who had taken part in Nach Baliye 7 along with Shefali.

Regarding Siddharth’s fight with other female inmates (Rashami Desai and Mahira Sharma), he says, “I don’t appreciate him demeaning the fairer sex, i.e. putting his foot up on the table or take his forced fight with Mahira last night. As a man, I feel that no matter what a women does, you should not misbehave. Sorry to say, he treats women like doormats, especially Arti Singh.”

We did not get Paras Chhabra’s game, who after first addressing Shefali as bhabhi, went ahead to nominate her.

“Neither did I. Paras and I go back a long way. We had even worked together in our last Zee TV show, Aghori. We had met just before his entering to brainstorm on strategy.”

“He had even asked Shefali about me when they first met in the house, and yet he did what he did. In a way, I am glad he showed his true colors upfront, so she can be wary of him.”

“I prophesy that Paras, who for long was smartly depending on women to stay in the fray, who were in the majority inside the house, will now change gears as the sex ratio has evened out.”

Last but not the least, the Kaanta Laga girl’s better half says, “The biggest player so far is Shehnaaz Gill. I would always tell Shefali that this gal is putting up a façade. Hindustani Bhau has aptly named her as ‘yeda bankar pedha khaana’ (falsely acting innocent).

“But no one is smarter than Bigg Boss, who turned the tables on Shehnaaz by bringing in her bete noire, Himanshi Khurana. The very fact that Shehnaaz is running scared goes on to prove that she is in the wrong. I am not saying that Himanshi’s actions are right either. But here we need to call a spade a spade, and the world knows that it was Shehnaaz who started it all” (Shehnaaz-Himanshi internet war).

“Coming back to Shefali, what hurts me more is that Shehnaaz simply ignored the fact that the former went out of her way to assuage her pain when she was crying, even jumping into the pool as part of the gang. Rather than thanking her for her considerate nature, she went ahead to nominate her, just like Parag.”

In closing, Parag Tyagi predicts, “Shefali, being a headstrong woman who takes no shit, will go the whole hog, and that too by playing fair.”

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