Yogita Bihani who has come into the limelight as Ekta Kapoor’s leading lady in Sony TV’s Dil Hi Toh Hai talks about her first big role, importance of family and much more.

Social media in a way makes us lose our moral values but it helps people like me, who stay away from family: Yogita Bihani

Debutant Yogita Bihani, who is winning accolades from audience for her acting talent as Palak Sharma in Sony Entertainment Television’s Dil Hi Toh Hai, is enjoying the current phase of life.

The actress is showered with love from fans for her crackling chemistry with Karan Kundra on-screen.

Talking about her journey in the industry, she shares, “It has been a wonderful journey. I am a simple person who wants to achieve everything and always gives her 100% to the task at hand, but never thinks about the fruits of my tenacity. I believe we should allow destiny to work its way and continue to strive. I have been in Mumbai from 2 years and have auditioned for multiple roles, but never kept high expectations till I hit the spot. Similarly, Dus Ka Dum came to me; I never imagined I would be casted opposite Salman Khan. It was like a dream come true moment for me! Soon after Dus ka Dum the channel recommended me for Dil Hi Toh Hai and my profile was shortlisted. I didn’t keep high hopes, because finalization was still under process. After a week of eagerly waiting for their response I was swept off the floor as I was casted for the lead girl’s role in Ekta Kapoor’s show. It was an amazing moment and I couldn’t stop jumping with joy. Yes, I was working towards this but wasn’t expecting such good fortune to come my way in such a short span of time.”

She further adds, “Working in the television industry is a huge thing in today’s time. To secure a good opportunity is very rare. Being a debutante and bagging a lead role under Ekta Kapoor’s banner and Sony Entertainment Television is something I wasn’t expecting so early in life. But as we say and believe – ‘Naseeb Apna Apna’. I feel as if I have cracked a big deal of my life right now. Dil Hi Toh Hai is a love saga, a show on such a grand scale that has never been done on Indian television before. Right from the scale of the show to the artists involved, every aspect is larger than life which is loved by audiences.”

When asked her experience working with Karan Kundra and other talented actors, Palak avers, “I used to watch Karan on television, and it’s amusing that I am now acting with him for Dil Hi Toh Hai. I have watched all his shows. He is a nice person, a talented actor and always helps me and motivates me to work better. Apart from him, the whole cast and crew is great and very helpful. It’s an honor to work along with accomplished actors such as Poonam Dhillon, Bijay Anand and others.”

Yogita believes that social media has its pros and cons. “There are always pros and cons to everything we do in life. Social media and digital space are in a way making us lose our moral values. On the other hand, it is also beneficial for people like me as I stay away from family and becomes easy for me to connect with them. Also, with the widespread use of internet we get to know about the daily happenings with a click. Yes, I would want to sit with my parents and talk about things but then if you can’t, social media helps. But I make it a point that when I am with family, I stay away from the digital world and rather bond with them in person. Our show Dil Hi Toh Hai also portrays how important family is to us and the way we are bonded to each other with an invisible thread of emotions and love,” ends the lovely actress.

Well said, Yogita!

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