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Tujhse hai raabta is the ongoing program where Kalyani is the main lead of the program is being played by reem shaikh very every known actress playing absolute amazing and very e bold straight forward characters she saw really very well the character

Striking similarities between Kalyani of tujhse hai raabta and sairat films Archi

Talking about the similarities sairat film Archi Kalyani the similarities is that they both were straight forward not used to listen to any bad conduct truth to self and to others. They both cannot tolerate any false conduct or any wrong things happening surrounded Kalyani is the same she cannot tolerate any bad conduct happening around her. Like Archi Kalyani also has a very strong point of view to keep forward in front of people where we can prove right.

They can fight for truth where we have seen fighting for right the same way Kalyan is also seen in the serial fighting for right and not supporting any false act. this to both characters is very rowdy not like a silent girl but like a strong girl women power and keeping their points to prove that the people that women are not weak.

The character played by reem shaikh of Kalyani is played absolutely amazing just rightly and it is executed to bring Kalyani exact way how it is supposed to. Kalyani Archie is the characters who are strong girls fighting for their right and not letting wrong things happen around the surroundings standing for yourself and defeating all the problems in the way by them self itself.
Such characters are liked by the audience much more than the girls shown weak girls where they are strong defeating the problems by them self itself. Kalyani is also one of the characters a strong girl character.

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