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Unlike Kuhu and Mishti, I share a great comfort zone with Rhea Sharma: Kaveri Priyam of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Young actor Kaveri Priyam who plays the role of Kuhu in Star Plus and Rajan Shahi’s newly launched show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is happy that she has understood her character well and has put her learnings to execution in a nice manner.

Says Kaveri, “Kuhu is a very impulsive character; she reacts just like a kid. Her immediate reactions get her into problems, but she realizes her mistakes too later.”

“Initially, I had to work hard in understanding the character really well. Since Kuhu is loud, it was tough to maintain a fine balance between going over the top and doing what is exactly required in the scene. Different scenes demand different kind of emotions and energy as far as Kuhu is concerned. So it was a process in itself to understand the nuances. I am happy that I have got it right so far. Having said this, I still work towards understanding what my character is all about,” she adds.

Kaveri is also happy that she has won the love of fans. “Initially, I used to get lot of hate messages, as Kuhu was always fighting with Mishti (Rhea Sharma) for no reason at all. But thankfully, people have understood more about my character now. I am getting good positive messages and I feel happy.”

Explaining more about her character, Kaveri states, “Kuhu is a very easy going person. She is pure at heart and never has any grudges against anyone. The rejection was a big shocker for her, and obviously any girl would react in that manner. After scolding Mishti a lot, there is a point where she even realizes that she should not have found fault in Mishti for all that happened.”

“Viewers will see Kuhu actively participating in the Sangeet of Ketki. She is at peace now, having accepted whatever has transformed. Though she has this feeling somewhere within her for Kunal (Ritvik Arora), she is happy for whatever is happening with Mishti,” Kaveri adds.

Kaveri feels that she has bagged the role of Kuhu, for she sees the character somewhere in her. “At times, I react like Kuhu, but on certain occasions, I am opposite to what she is. However, I feel that I have Kuhu in me, and that is the biggest reason for me bagging this role. I find it easier portraying Kuhu now, as I react naturally to scenes.”

Kuhu and Mishti share a hot and cold relationship onscreen, but Kaveri and Rhea Sharma are the best of friends off the screen. “Rhea and I are in total comfort zone when together. We play together when we are not shooting .We keep chatting and also prepare for our lines together. We have a great tuning and this helps in our scenes. In fact, the entire cast is so amazing. We get to learn from everyone.”

Best of luck, Kaveri!!

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