Vikas Gupta is real game player, but I am rooting for Shilpa Shinde: Sneha Wagh

Sneha Wagh, an avid Bigg Boss watcher, picks her winner

Vikas Gupta is real game player, but I am rooting for Shilpa Shinde: Sneha Wagh

Sneha Wagh, last seen in Life OK show Maharaja Ranjit Singh, is a very dedicated Bigg Boss follower.“Normally, I am not a big buff of this Colors reality show due to the abuse, etc., but I just love this season. I wonder what masala has been added this time around.”

“The game changed for me mid-season. That is the time when the masks start falling off. After all, how much can you play the game? One more bonus is the added unseen footage where they end up revealing more than what each one would have wished to do so.”

Among the finalists, Sneha, who has earned fame with Jyoti, is rooting for Shilpa Shinde the most. “I like Vikas Gupta also. He is the real game player, with his overdramatic and loud portrayal.”

What about Hina Khan? “No comments”, comes the pat reply.

She does not think that Shilpa does drama. “She does comedy, and pulls it off well.”

Many small-screen actors are openly commenting and taking sides. “Normally, we don’t watch desi shows. But everybody checks out Bigg Boss. And as far as I am concerned, I only write what I see as a viewer. There is no agenda to put down anyone. And to be fair, it is there for all to see. So if somebody tries to put a different spin, it just won’t wash.”

Sneha, who till now has stayed away from nonfiction, would not mind getting locked inside the Lonavla pad, next year around. “I would surely like to find out what chemical reactions happen inside the house, which makes you a completely changed person.”

Here, Sneha admits that she will have withdrawal symptoms when the current season bids adieu. “I am totally clued-in, wondering right from morning about what will happen in that night’s episode. I may even end up going silent for a couple of days, after this Sunday’s finale.”

She loved those episodes the best when the contestants’ family members moved into the padosi house. “The Indian culture of hating someone, yet caring for their family interactions, was most visible when they individually started coming to the main house to meet their loved ones.”

Indeed, Bigg Boss 11 is a great entertainer.

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