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Watch Naamkarann on TV, not internet: Zain Imam tells his fans

Handsome and super talented Zain Imam of Star Plus show Namkarann has one request to his fans.

He says, “Guys please don’t watch the show on Hotstar rather check it out on the tube, as your numbers are not reflecting and that is causing ratings issues.  This issue needs to be addressed for we as makers and actors are also trying to give content which speaks your language not going down the saas bahu route, so you guys also should meet us half way.  At the end of the day, TV is all about numbers.”

Noted the point…Zain.

He further adds: “Social media is very important today especially for us young actors as most of our fans are very active on social media feed, so we need to engage with them there.  Bu yet guys please do check out the show on TV and not net, as all efforts come to naught.”

Talking about his character Neil, he says, “First, my strong   character was not really in love.  But now he is flipping for Avni,  so his softer side is coming to the fore, which is also interesting and fun to play.”

Zain, who has been around since 2014 (Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan), has really grown as an actor.

“I have become much more confident, guess experience helps.  Earlier it would take me 10 minutes to prepare for a scene, now I just need to glance through it and am ready to go.  Having said that, my journey has just started and as Robert Frost said, ‘I have miles to before I sleep’.”

Well said… so how’s his experience been in Yeh Vaada Raha (he shot before Naamkarann). “This short journey post the leap did not do wonders for my career, but was fine.”   His ballgame changed with Tashan-E-Ishq.

Looking ahead he would be game for juicy roles both in films and TV. “I would love to sink my teeth in a biopic for the genre gives wings to an actor to play diverse stuff.”

Unlike most of his contemporaries, he is not really kicked about web entertainment . “Unless I get something really outstanding.”

In closing, we ask him about his ‘non controversial’ nature? “That is the way I am.  I want my work to speak for itself. And I guess this has helped me get appreciated as well.”

Keep up the good work, Zain.

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