Hina Khan just turned the poolside into a runway, and we're here for it. Scroll below to check on the gorgeous video

Water Girl: Hina Khan turns muse in yellow flared pool dress [Watch] Credit: Hina Khan Instagram

Hina Khan just turned the poolside into a runway, and we’re here for it! The Bollywood diva recently graced her Instagram handle with a video straight from her aquatic escapade, showcasing a fabulous yellow flared pool dress that has us all longing for a splash.

Hina Khan dropped the video on Instagram

In the video, Hina exudes elegance as she swings effortlessly on a pool swing, bringing a whole new level of glamour to water escapades. The actress dons a stylish yellow abstract printed flared dress that screams summertime chic. But that’s not all – the dress comes complete with sleeves adorned with fashionable ruffles, adding a touch of playful aura to her poolside ensemble.

To top off her sun-soaked look, Hina rocks a pair of stylish shades with a white frame outline, turning the pool area into her own personal catwalk. With each sway of the swing, she effortlessly captures the essence of a water goddess in yellow.

Check out video here:

But the glamour doesn’t stop at the swing! Hina generously shares a moment where she takes a serene swim in the pool, proving that her poolside escapades are not just about the fashion but also about embracing the tranquility of the water. It’s a moment of sheer bliss, encapsulated in the soothing blue depths of the pool.

So, there you have it – Hina Khan, the ultimate water girl, turning heads and making waves in her vibrant yellow flared pool dress. Whether she’s swinging by the water’s edge or gracefully swimming through the serene blue, Hina Khan proves to be the eternal queen!

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