I will be happy if I am able to do a shade of what Reema Lagoo pulled off: Sucheta Khanna on her role in Shriman Shrimati Phirse | IWMBuzz

Sucheta Khanna talks about her upcoming stint in SAB TV’s Shriman Shrimati Phirse

I will be happy if I am able to do a shade of what Reema Lagoo pulled off: Sucheta Khanna on her role in Shriman Shrimati Phirse

Talented actor Sucheta Khanna of Laptaganj fame is heading towards busy days. Apart from shooting for &TV show Meri Hanikarak Biwi , she will soon resume working for Shriman Shrimati Phirse from mid March.

Says the actress, “We had already shot 40 episodes of this remake of the super hit DD metro show of nineties. But this Adhkhari Brothers production got delayed because of issues with the Happii channel which never saw light of the day. Now its rights have been brought by SAB TV and the show will start airing from the first week of March.”

How will you manage dates of both Meri Hanikarak Biwi and Shriman Shrimati ? “I don’t have an exclusive contract with &TV unlike Shriman Shrimati Phirse. The above contract was dissolved, thus allowing me to take up the &TV show. I will be really busy for the next six months as I will need to give all my free dates to the new show. It won’t be easy as I have never done two projects together. Luckily for me both my producers are friends and it was important that I stay on, for we had already canned 40 episodes and everybody including Adhikarji and the channel have suffered a lot. Right now we are shooting for its promos and hoardings.” adds Sucheta.

Talking about her character in the upcoming series, she says, “Koki is a very sweet innocent middle class housewife who loves her husband Keshav (Sameer Shah). Her interactions with him are friendlier than hubby wife type.”

The other actors include Suresh Menon and Barkha Bisht (Dil and Prema Shalani respectively). Kokila was essayed in the original by recently deceased Reema Lagoo. “She had done superb job. In fact when I had met her I had told her that I would be reprising her, and she had wished me best of luck. We had worked together in Kadvee Khatee Mithi. I had learnt so much about comic zone acting from her then.”

“Even now we are shown the original scenes. I will not say that I copy her, as she had done her job naturally as I do. But yes even if am able to do a shade of what she pulled off, I will be happy,” the actress adds.

“The story, content and plot lines remain same as the original. We have not tried to make it modern. A few earlier attempts to do so, had come unstuck. Even the dialogues are more or less same this time around,” she ended.

Wish you luck for the new one, Sucheta!!

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