Television actress Yashashri Masurkar, who is known for her craft in shows like Rang Badalti Odhani, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and Aarambh is now famously known as ‘Tuk Tuk Rani’.

The actress now drives auto in the locals of Mumbai. In an exclusive conversation with, she reveals her story behind her ‘Tuk Tuk Rani’.

Talking about the beginning of Tuk Tuk Rani, she shares, “It’s a long story of adventure and friendship that made me drive it. I met a boy named Kristian in November 2018 and we connected instantly. He was traveling the world on a cycle. Out of impulse we decided to buy an auto and drive to Agra to see beautiful Taj Mahal. He never wanted to go see Taj and I wanted to show him the beautiful monument of love. So long story short, we bought the auto and drove it till Agra. After that I came back to Mumbai and he drove the auto till Nepal. He faced lot of challenges while coming back to India. His brakes stopped working while coming down the mountain but he still decided to drive the auto till Mumbai so that I could have it. It’s a symbol of friendship and affection for me and that feeling made me drive the auto for my daily commute.”

When asked how it changed her life, she shares, “It changed my life little bit like I instantly became an attraction on the road. People started talking to me and clicking pictures of me and giving me thumbs up and words of encouragement.”

Yashashri also revealed how she finalised the name as Tuk Tuk Rani. “I was looking for a cool name as Rickshawwali was taken by a YouTuber (who doesn’t drive a rickshaw). My good friend Shawn (Director of Aarambh) and I were brainstorming for a good catchy name and he came up with Tuktukrani and it was too cool that it stayed.”

Well done girl!