Rohit Purohit has got into the look and feel of Alexander so much that he has forgotten his original look.

Rohit Purohit, who will be seen enacting the role of Alexander in the much anticipated show Porus on Sony TV (Swastik Productions), believes that the series is going to be the biggest visual spectacle for the television audience.

The actor has always taken a keen interest in his physical appearance, be it Razia Sultan or Porus. Rohit underwent a makeover for his new show.

“I have changed myself and my look entirely for the role of Alexander. The day I had signed the show to this day, it has been 8 months that I am living this character. I have put a lot of hard work. It was very important for me to change myself physically as a warrior’s physique should be perfect. It was very significant to get the perfect Alexander look; so I also changed my hair colour for it. I had an option of wearing a wig but at the end of the day when I used to remove my wig, I used to feel that I am detaching myself from the character. Now, when I go home I feel I am doing justice to the role,” shares the young actor.

He further adds, “Before signing the show, I decided that from start to end, I will live the character to the fullest. I have forgotten my original look too. Now, I am conformable with this look. I think it will be difficult for me when I will get back to my original look.”

Rohit says that initially he was scared of going home in front of his family with his blonde hair, “When I first coloured my hair, I was scared of going in front of my family. I was sure that they will throw me out of the house. However, I decided to play safe. Slowly and steadily, I coloured my hair and went in front of them. They too got used to it so no one questioned me on the same.”

Ask him how difficult it would be for him to change audience perception of seeing him from positive to negative role, he avers, “Alexander’s journey will be shown from his birth to the end. Hence, audience won’t take the character as a negative one. They will see him fighting for his country in his own style. This was one of the reasons that I took up the show as the makers planned to showcase the entire journey of Alexander.”

Good luck, Rohit!




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