Dil Sambhal Ja Zara on Star Plus makes for a good watch

Review: Dil Sambhal Ja Zara on Star Plus

Dil Sambhal Ja Zara, the latest offering from the stables of Star Plus, wears a classy look which appeals to the higher senses of an average television watcher.

The story traces the life of rich socialite Laila Raichand (Niki Aneja) who can go to any extent to taste success. The execution is a far cry from the staple saa-bahu saga watching. The look and feel is modern, chic  and relatable.

The plot has opened well so far with the male protagonist Anant Mathur (Sanjay Kapoor- over 50 plus rich man father to a 18 year old) getting enamored by a young girl Ahana (Niki’s daughter).  His feelings are evident when he keeps looking at the roses sent by Laila for dropping Ahana home and again visits the place where he bumped into her the first time.

Hope the conflict in his mind of liking a young girl is played out maturely and convincingly in the coming week. How he would handle his daughter Roshni would be fun to watch as most kids are not ready to accept that their parents can find love again.  The twist would get worse as Laila too has her designs on Anant.

Smriti Kalra is doing a good job of playing a rebel,  any girl who comes to know that her mother betrayed her loving father and regarded her kids as burden would do so.  Her Boho look goes with the character. It would be interesting to see how her character falls in love with an older man and she is able to bring out those emotions.

The centre of attraction so far has been Niki, she is playing the rich man hunting socialite to the T. You want to hate her, which is indeed laudable for she brings out that emotion in us via her apt portrayal. It’s perfect casting, we would say.

Lalia’s other daughter Saloni also has her plate full of woes, her prospective father-in-law wants her to sign a prenup agreement, which Lalia obviously refuses.   As things always happen in TV, Saloni gets pregnant, but Laila being herself even uses this adversity to her advantage. She knows that Saloni’s boyfriend truly loves her, so emotionally blackmails him.

The wild card would be the carefree playboy relative of Anant, Saloni’s ex. He likes to needle both the sisters.  He will inevitably play the catalyst in bringing Anant and Ahana together.

The first week has been pacey.  It does bring out the seamier life of the high society crowd. The duplicity and hypocrisy is palpable. Director Vikram Bhatt will definitely add his cinematic Midas touch to the show and give it the required larger than life image. After all, maestros weave masterpieces. Sanjay Kapoor plays his age and lends gravitas to the plot. His subdued snobbishness and subtle mannerism makes for an interesting watch. The role seemed to be tailor made for him.

We just hope that the element of older man younger woman is handled with lot of dignity rather than melodrama for Laila’s character can run amok. Dil Sambhal Ja Zara is produced by industry doyens Siddharth Sengupta and Jyoti Sagar.

IndianWikiMedia would rate this show 3.5 out of 5 stars. Do give it a watch.

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