Review of Star Plus' show Keh Doon Tumhein produced by Shweta Shinde's Vajra Productions. The show has Mudit Nayyar and Yukti Kapoor playing the leads. The show is about a love story set up amidst crime of serial killings.

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It’s been a while since Star Plus introduced a suspense and crime thriller in its programming lineup. Keh Doon Tumhein fills that gap in the programming lineup of the channel. The show is interesting as it brings in a love story against the backdrop of serial killing. As the promo and the launch theme of the show suggest, it is the love story of Vikrant aka Sarkar who is actually a serial killer. What will happen when a serial killer falls in love with a girl whom he initially wanted to kill?

Well, this is the broad concept of Producer Shweta Shinde’s new show under her banner Vajra Productions. The story plot opens with a murder being committed, and the man who is given the task of burying the body, sitting over the buried area, singing and having his food. The first scene was palpable, with the man’s music and his joy-filled singing reverberating in our ears. However, we come to know later of him actually sitting on a dead body, eating his hard-earned food.

The show is set in Panchgati, a hill station. Kirti, a sensational writer from Bhopal, is seen migrating to Panchgati. She has come to stay with her relative and also has her close friend Anjali to rely on. She is making a new start with her little son Puru. She has moved out of her abusive marriage.

The new start to her life turns sour and intriguing as she lands in Panchgati to the news of her friend Anjali going missing. She immediately suspects her boyfriend after getting proof from a jeweller’s shop. Anjali had made a ring for a man, and this instantly made Kirti doubt Anjali’s boyfriend.

We get to see the enigmatic character of Vikrant Deshmukh, popularly known as Sarkar in the vicinity. He is an able teacher who also has a strong hand in the management of the school. He is learned, and very respected in the place he lives in. But nobody is aware that behind this charming young personality, lies a ruthless serial killer who has already killed 12 young girls, the 12th being Kirti’s friend, Anjali.

Yes, Sarkar was the boyfriend of Anjali, who was also working in the same school. Sarkar does not like any dominating female, and the moment they cross their limits by dictating to him, he ends their life. The same happened with Anjali, who was eagerly waiting to welcome her dear friend Kirti to Panchgati.

While Sarkar believes that all girls need to be taken to task in this way, there is Ritu, a girl who is in Sarkar’s class. She crushes on Sarkar, just like all the girls do in the school!! She is obsessed with Sarkar and behaves crazily to get his attention. Wonder what will happen when Sarkar eventually does look at her?

How Sarkar goes about his job, without leaving any evidence of his crime, is shown well. Sarkar to top it all, is influential and gains respect and love, even from the police people. But it is rather weird how the police fail to miss the whole point of Sarkar’s presence being felt at all times when they are investigating Anjali’s case.

Kirti vows to find the boyfriend, which enrages Sarkar and he sets off to kill her too. However, the trip that he takes Puru and Kirti to, opens up on Sarkar’s first big mistake in covering up his crime. Anjali’s body is found and so is the evidence, the bracelet of the man who buried her.

Kirti is shocked and simply cannot believe that her friend has died. Gulping down her sorrow, Kirti is now on the lookout for the criminal who did it.

The show is visually amazing. The scenic beauty of the place is the central focus in many scenes. The intrigue level is also high, and it matches the intriguing background score giving the much-needed fear.

Coming to performances, Kirti as Yukti Kapoor is all graceful. She lives and breathes her character. Mudit Nayyar as Sarkar, also fits his character to the T. To the world, he looks the most handsome and charming man. As called by Anjali and Kirti, he is the Mr Dashing in the story. However, his evil avatar is also very endearing to see. His facial expressions and eye gestures are executed very well. Mudit is doing a swell job in the role of the serial killer who is right now masked behind his popular personality.

It will be interesting to see how and when Sarkar falls for the girl who can literally be responsible for his downfall. As his conscience tells him, he seems to be carried away by Kirti’s goodness and is not taking her as a serious threat as of now.

We look forward to this unusual love story, set amid serial killings. It will be interesting to know whether Kirti will even realize his real identity before falling in love with him!! Undoubtedly, the two of them exhibit a spark when together and their chemistry can give the show a great impetus!!

The fact that this intriguing tale is actually a love story makes it all the more interesting!!

The supporting cast has Saachi Aan, Shweta Shinde, Swati Tarar, Amit Anand Raut, Saloni Rathi, Anil Avhad, Vinay Manohar Edekar, Akshay Dandekar playing pivotal roles. All in the cast are doing the job they have been asked to deliver!!

What intrigues us though, is the incapable police force that is shown in the show. They are merely placed as laughingstocks, to say the least. In a show where crime, killing and suspense is the underlying factor, there needs to be a formidable police team or officer, in place. Well, a hint that we derive from the narrative that has gone by, is that Kirti’s husband who was a drunkard and abusive towards her, possessed a gun for work. We assume that he has to be the cop who would come to Panchgati. We may be wrong, but this is surely possible.

But as depicted till now, the police force remains way clueless and least bothered too about the crime happening in their vicinity. Maybe, a better execution here will add a new layer to the story.

Also, the comedy and the comic scheme of things added to Kirti’s extended family in Panchgati feels forced!! Agreed, the idea is to keep a few characters lively and comic, amidst this intense and intriguing drama. But again, the situational comedy can be written better.

The show Keh Doon Tumhein, seems to be an open book, with the killer and his identity being revealed to the viewers seeing the show. Wonder till how long can the makers drag the show by showing the man doing the same things again and again!! In any case, we are glued to the happenings. As always, there is an unsaid back story coming from the killer, which might give him a lot of sympathy. But no story gives him the right to go on a killing spree!!

Overall, the show should be watched for captivating performances, and for an unusual love story. As for the intrigue quotient, the future of the show will depend on how realistic this plot can be taken ahead.

We rate the show Keh Doon Tumhein 3 out of 5 stars.

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