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Review of new Zee TV show Qurbaan Hua

Review of Zee TV’s Qurbaan Hua: Have all the trappings of a hard-core TV drama

New Zee TV  show, Qurbaan Hua, seems to have all the trappings of a hard-core TV drama.  The first four episodes have held our attention, and I could easily binge-watch all.

The story seems to be different, i.e., a Hindu Muslim love story that can provide balm in today’s highly surcharged times. We liked the Uttrakhand pilgrimage backdrop with the local pahadi local, thrown in for good measure.

Lead character Neel (Karan Jotwani)  is engaged in perpetual conflict with his mahant father (Aayam  Mehta). The latter wants him to continue with the family priestly tradition, while the former wishes to fly free, pursuing his chef ambitions.

His only support system is his pregnant elder sister Saraswati (Sonali Nikam), who tries to bridge the gap between father and brother.  Her husband is a belief in the mahant and old school religiosity. One scene which impressed us was when a hen’s nest blocks the procession path, rather than destroying  this edifice of life, the mahant chose another path saying religion never sanctions destruction  (A bitter lesson to all Indians today)

Cut to Delhi, where Neel tries to stick to his vow of daily doing one good deed in return for hassle-free pregnancy.  The same blows on his face when he barges into a fire shooting sequence thinking it to be a real-life incident

Here, maker Ful House Media overdid the bro-sis love part, namely, when his senior chef asks him to remove his month old rakhi, he promises to cook only with one hand.  Should he not have been given the pink slip there and then?

Neel then has to rush home for some pooja with certain sweets. However, the lead female character Chahat accidentally steals the sweets in her attempt to feed and save some beggar kids. Pratibha Ranta‘s bike entry was something different for a female lead.

The angry goons then try to kidnap Chahat, but Neil is also traveling on the same bus (what a coincidence both live in the same hill town-).  He saves her by claiming to be a husband.

The scene where both depart at the bus station with Hindu -Muslim religious symbols on the opposite side was a stark reminder of today’s communal divide.

Chahat returns home to her well-known Gynaecologist, Dr.  Beg. The scene where the father makes a wooden nameplate for his newly minted MBBS daughter cleary depicts father-daughter bonding.

Dr Beg’s second wife, Gazala (Parakh Madan), does not like Chahat one bit and tries to keep father-daughter apart. The scene where she breaks the mirror on comparison was classical vamp stuff, sadly done to death.

Neel, on the other hand, barely makes it in time for the procession, but again father ticks him off for not bathing. So he takes a dip in the holy Ganges, and again, Chahat reaches there and pushes his lungi. The subsequent banter made for welcome emotional relief.

Gazala, further tries to stir trouble by making a hue and cry about sindoor which accidentally got to Chahat’s hair and also sends her out during her party in bid to lower her image in front of her dad.  But here, Chahat’s dupatta helps  Neel, who was trying to prevent the holy fire from extinguishing.

The story is now all set to open up big time. It would be interesting to see how  Neel weds Chahat when he loves someone else. The entire plumber scene was fun. We will not be surprised if the maker’s force Neel to leave his job to return home for good for else how will the story proceed if they in Delhi?

Karan is doing a good job showing emotions, especially when he speaks about his on-screen mother’s demise and his father’s cold-hearted attitude. Prathiba shows signs of early brilliance.

Hindu -Muslim love story already has a lot of organic drama and risk, we hope the makers refrain from adding much TV masala.  Care also  has to taken to ensure that all sentiments are equally respected

Producer Sonali Jaffar is an experienced TV hand having made shows like Tujhese Hai Raabta so she will know what exactly not to do.

We would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

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