There will be yet another twist in the tale in the Star Plus show, Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala with Kumar Sanu being the mediator between Nimrat and Sikandar.

Kumar Sanu to tell Sikandar of Kullfi being his daughter in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Makers of the popular show Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala on Star Plus are coming up with the huge track of Sikandar (Mohit Malik) getting to know of Kullfi (Aakriti Sharma) being his daughter.

Well, as we know, the spirit Nimrat (Shruti Sharma) is back on Kullfi’s requests to help her out. We also saw her saving Kullfi from an accident.

Now, popular and renowned singer Kumar Sanu will be seen in the show for an important sequence.

Yes, you heard it right!!

News of Kumar Sanu having shot for a special promo has been doing rounds.

But we bring our loyal readers the news of Kumar Sanu being the one who will tell Sikandar about Kullfi being his daughter!!


As per a reliable source, “Kumar Sanu and Sikandar who are both singers will meet each other and will have a conversation. This will be when spirit Nimrat will look for a way to get the fact of Kullfi being his daughter heard to Sikandar.”

Since Nimrat cannot directly interact with Sikandar, she will manipulate Kumar Sanu and will let the news out through him.


Are you excited to see this sequence?

We buzzed actors but could not get through to them.

Gear up for this huge sequence and revelation to happen between Sikandar and Kumar Sanu.

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