Mithila Palkar is an Indian actress known for her role of Kavya in Netflix’s Little Things and Nirma Sahastrabuddhe in Chopsticks.

Mithila Palkar and actor Dhruv Sehgal’s on-screen chemistry is loved by many. The couple looks really great as we saw in the web series, Little Things.

On the other hand, we have the actors of the Netflix film, ‘Chopsticks’, Mithila Palkar and Abhay Deol, playing Nirma Sahastrabuddhe and Shashwat Menon respectively.

Fans are really excited to see how this couple cop up with each other as they look cute together on screen.

Who do you think Mithila Palkar looks best with on-screen – Abhay Deol or Dhruv Sehgal?