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Iqbal Khan has a point to make on same school fees during the lockdown period

Actor Iqbal Khan calls for school fees reduction

Iqbal Khan, with his acting acumen and baritone voice, has charmed audience for years together now.

However, this time around, he has an important to message to give to his fans.

We all are aware that schools are shut due to Corona scare and majorly online classes are on, yet parents are doling out the same amount of fees which were applicable pre-Covid.

Here, Iqbal argues that schools charge fees for providing certain facilities, like school buses, swimming pool, air-conditioned rooms, play area, however, during the lockdown everything is shut, yet fees remain the same.

Iqbal asks government and concerned private school owners to consider the plea and look at a revised free structure.

Watch the full video here.

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