Iqbal Khan the versatile actor who presently plays the lead in Star Bharat’s Na Umra Ki Seema Ho, has aged wisely with time. He is now reaping the rewards of carrying out mature lead roles that require tenacity, grit and confidence to handle.

The love journey of Dev and Vidhi (Rachana Mistry) in the Star Bharat show has seen a recent high with their marriage happening.

We recently caught up with Iqbal Khan to talk about this beautiful love story showcased in the show. He said, “The love journey of Dev and Vidhi, I would call, as honest and divine. There is a divinity attached to it, when one is honest in love.”

Talking about the concept of the show wherein love has no age bar, he states, “Love is a Universal feeling. It does not have anything to do with age. It happens when it has to happen. As long as it is pure, it is beautiful. It can happen to anyone at any time.”

Ask him about the similarities he has with Dev, Iqbal avers, “I definitely do not want to talk about it. My wife will be in a better position to answer this. As long as I can see it, I see a lot of Dev that I want to be. Talking about the similarity between Dev and Iqbal, I am a sucker for honesty and so is Dev. This is something that should be applied to all fields of life.”

Well-said, Iqbal!!