Smriti Khanna will be seen in a deadly avatar in Santoshi Maa.

Actress Smriti Khanna to don a deadly avatar in &TV’s Santoshi Maa

The mythological show ‘Santoshi Maa’ (Rashmi Sharma Productions) on &TV is soon going to enthrall audience with some high voltage drama in their upcoming episodes.  The talented actress Smriti Khanna, who essays the role of Parvati Mata in the show, will be in her most deadly avatar where she will turn into Adi Shakti to take revenge against the evil deeds of Poulomi (Debina Bonnerjee).

A source from the sets informs about the highly entertaining upcoming episode, which will be a visual treats for the fans as it will showcase some over the top visual effects and grandeur scenes.

According to the source, in the upcoming episode the vicious Poulomi will be killing Santoshi (Ratan Raajputh) and Dhairya’s (Ayyaz Ahmed) baby by a deadly snake, which will create a rage in Parvati Mata’s mind. In order to get back to Poulomi’s hideous deeds,  Parvati Mata will turn into a fatal avatar of Adi Shakti, where she will turn into an enormous lioness with ten hands and furious eyes who will have just one desire that is to wipe out the evils from the motherly land. Source adds, since this sequence has lots of drama there will be a use of tremendous visual effects and will be one of the most interesting episode to watch out for.

Talking about the new avatar, Smriti said, “The upcoming episodes are going to be highly attention-grabbing and entertaining. It is going to be visual treat as my character, Paravti will be seen in a never seen before avatar.  With every passing episode, the makers are trying to keep the entertainment quotient higher and this episode is surely going to grab many eyeballs. The scene was shot amazingly and we are waiting for it to get on air soon.”

Well, with such high end drama its surely something to look forward to!

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