In Bigg Boss 13' family special episode, Mahira's mother warns Paras not to kiss Mahira

Bigg Boss 13: Don’t kiss Mahira, warns Mahira’s mother to Paras

The Bigg Boss 13 house is all set to welcome new members.

Well, they are none other than the family members of the contestants.

Tonight, Mahira’s mother will enter the show. She will meet Paras and ask him if she should beat him. She will further remind him about his pretty girlfriend Akanksha Puri. She will refer to Mahira as Paras’ friend. She will later tell him not to kiss Mahira as she does not like it.

Later, she will tell him to let Mahira speak in the fights and not get involved. She will also tell Mahira that she does not like it when Paras kisses her.


Will Paras follow Mahira’s mother’s advice?

Watch this space for more updates.

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