Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-1362: Arjun executes his plan and reaches Kavya to help them out. Kavya tells Arjun to beat the goons. Preeta tells Arjun that he is caught and his plan is a flop. Rakhi lashes on Sherlyn for insulting Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-1362: Arjun reaches to help Preeta and Kavya

Kundali Bhagya episode begins with one of the terrorist asks his boss that why they are tolerating Prithvi. He says that Prithvi looks like a mad person. Boss tells him that he saw Junoon in Prithvi’s eyes and he liked it. Prithvi comes there wearing a mask. He asks everyone to wear it. Terrorists says that their face have been exposed already so no use of wearing mask now. Prithvi asks them to not speak loudly. He says that students will hide hearing their noise. He asks them to keep quiet and do work. They start searching for the students. They see marbles coming out of the room. They notice that the door is locked from inside. They enter the room through another door. Prithvi sees Arjun coming with Terrorist. Students screams seeing Terrorists.

Then in Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi gets shocked seeing Preeta there. Boss scolds Kavya. Preeta warns them to not hurt students. Prithvi thinks that he really likes this brave Preeta. Preeta says that students are innocent. Boss asks her to stay silent. He orders his guys to tie everyone’s hands. Kavya notices Arjun. She tells students that she was talking about Arjun only. She tells them that Arjun will save them. She asks Arjun to beat Terrorists up. Arjun tells her that it’s not action time. He tells her that Terrorists have gun so he will do action later. Preeta tells Arjun that he got caught. Arjun tells her that it was his plan to get caught by Terrorist. She mocks him and his plan. He asks Kavya to not get scared because everything will be fine.

Later in Kundali Bhagya, Kavya tells him that she is not scared because the latter and Preeta are with her. Arjun tells Preeta that it was his plan to reach Kavya. Terrorist ties Preeta, Kavya and Arjun’s hands too.
Preeta coughs. Prithvi asks her if she wants water. He asks everyone to keep quiet. Arjun takes Prithvi’s name. Prithvi responded to him. Sherlyn asks Media reporters to stop clicking photos. She says that she is worried about Rishabh and she doesn’t want him to make a mistake. Media reporters ask why she is doing all this. She tells them that she is Rishabh’s ex wife. Srishti tells Kareena that Sherlyn is creating a drama and the latter should stop her but she won’t do. Sherlyn tells Media reporters that she cares about Rishabh and family.

Lastly in Kundali Bhagya, Srishti takes her aside and scolds her. Sherlyn tells Luthras that Rishabh is in danger. She tells them that she is worried about him because she misses him. Kareena tauntingly asks her to tell about Prithvi. Prithvi asks Arjun who is Prithvi. Arjun asks him if the latter is wearing a mask because he is a coward like Prithvi. Prithvi tells him that he liked Prithvi’s name and asks him to not insult Prithvi. Kareena scolds Sherlyn. Sherlyn tries to instigate them against Preeta. Rakhi lashes out at her. She says that she is proud of Rishabh’s actions. Sherlyn thinks that she has to get Rishabh. Arjun tells Prithvi that he is not scared of him and he is silent for students. He taunts him. Prithvi asks Terrorists to show hostages that who are they. Terrorists takes hostages from there.

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