Hindustani Bhau calls Mahira 'chhipkali' in Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13: Hindustani Bhau calls Mahira ‘chhipkali’

Bigg Boss 13 witnessed one of the most interesting episodes of the season, which was loaded with many high points. The popular entertainer Hindustani Bhau has charmed audiences.

Bigg Boss gives Hindustani Bhau a task to create three videos like he does on his YouTube channel. He selects Paras, Mahira and Shehnaaz and talks about their personalities in his original avatar.

While doing so, he takes a dig at Mahira and comments on her fully lips. Hindustani Bhau calls her ‘bade honth ki chhipkali’. Mahira gets angry with his remark.

Later, she shouts at Paras for provoking people to call her by weird names. However, Paras tells her to talk sense. The two get into an ugly argument.

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