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Good news as CINTAA will now function with an office in Delhi.

CINTAA to open a branch in Delhi; ties-up with GIANT and GAME

Cine and TV Artists’ Association (CINTAA), which safeguards interests of its members, and also provides financial and medical assistance it its needy members, and also works towards handling disputes of members will go through a major development by opening an office in Delhi very soon!!

With the Mumbai office of CINTAA handling affairs smoothly, and with the growing need to have a tie-up with a reputed organization in Delhi, the Delhi office will opened in the premises of the Giant Academy of Media and Entertainment (G!AME).

With a lot of shoot happening in Delhi and its surrounding areas, and with a majority of actors working in the Mumbai industry being from North India, this move has been established.

Moreover, GIANT and GAME have a wonderful synergy with CINTAA’s vision of the image. Hence Sushant Singh, Gen Sec, CINTAA, Ayub Khan, Exec Commitee Member, CINTAA visited the GAME premises and decided to do a tie-up with GIANT group for opening the Delhi branch. To add to this, Amit Behl, Senior Joint Secretary, CINTAA and Suneel Sinha, Exec Commitee, CINTAA are chief members of the GAME.

We also hear that the official inauguration of the CINTAA Delhi branch will happen at the GIANT and GAME premises in Okhla, Phase – 3 sometime in mid-August.

When contacted, Sushant Singh, Hon Gen.Sec, CINTAA said, “We are very happy to announce that very soon we will be opening a branch of CINTAA in Delhi. Off-late Delhi has witnessed a number of film and TV shoots, and we feel this trend is here to stay and grow even more. A lot of Delhi actors have been urging us to start Delhi operations, so that they may get a platform to get united and protect their rights. Thanks to the GAME Academy and Siddharth Sikka, we have already earmarked the space for our branch-office. We are looking forward to new beginnings.”

Amit Behl, Senior Joint Secretary, CINTAA also said, “The need for CINTAA to open a centre at Delhi has been hounding us for sometime now. With GIANT and GAME coming into the picture, it will see reality. It will be a win-win for producers, broadcasters and actors wherein we will have a uniform regulation across the board. There will be a synergy for answerability, like it is there in Mumbai. We will have the inauguration in August. Staff has been set up and work in in progress right now. We also have 35-40 members who will be stationed in Delhi.”

Indeed good news for one and all with CINTAA opening its branch in Delhi!!

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