Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s devotion for Lord Krishna took to another level with her presenting the Lord with the ‘perfect’ gift...

Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s ‘perfect’ gift to Lord Krishna…

The gorgeous actress Devoleena Bhattacherjee, who has been popularly known as Gopi of television’s one of the very successful shows Saath Nibhana Saathiya, is truly indebted to Lord Krishna for giving her all the name and fame that came with the show’s success!!

As the perfect ‘gift’ to Lord Krishna, Devoleena sung a Krishn Bhajan today, which also created a new beginning for her as a singer!! For the uninitiated, Devoleena is also a trained classical Bharatanatyam dancer, from Kalakshetra, Chennai.

Today on the day of Lord Krishna’s birthday, Devoleena launched her first musical on Krishna which has her singing in the praise of the Lord, through the number ‘Hey Gopal Krishna…’.

Talking to, Devoleena said, “I decided to launch this musical as my gift to Lord Krishna. Krishna is responsible for whatever I am today and also to get the identity of Gopi. He is my mentor, my protector. This is my small token as birthday gift for him.”

Talking at length about her interest in music, Devoleena averred, “Music is something that I have loved and enjoyed. It is the purest form of art. Music is something everyone enjoys, including the birds, animals and plants. It makes the environment so motivated and pure. I think music brings out the real me.”

On the musical, the actress explained, “This music is mostly the ‘Krishna Aarti’ titled ‘Hey Gopal Krishna’. It tells us how Gopi devotes herself to God. And with the lyrics of Hare Rama Hare Krishna, I think people will relate to the song.”

Devoleena has been an ardent ‘Krishn Bhakt’ from childhood. “My mom has educated me with Indian Spirituality. I am a proud follower of our tradition. Krishna’s life is just not script but is a proven truth. Not only Indians but foreigners are also encouraging the tradition ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. This day is very important in my life. Only a devotee can feel the miracles the Lord does in his / her life.”

When asked what kind of music interests her, she quoted, “Music is something that can be chosen as per our mood. Every occasion has its own choice. No one can limit it to a single choice.”

With Janmashtami celebrated all over the country we asked the Krishn Bhakt Devoleena about her plans for the day. “I will do my pooja at night. I will offer my prayers and make prasad for the Lord. I have to celebrate it in a grand way this year. My day has started today with the launch of my song. I have already given him the gift.”

On her future plans and about how much she misses Saathiya, the talented actress and singer said, “I have been busy with my song till now. Yes, I will not disappoint my fans, I will come back soon. Saathiya will be missed every now and then by me. If I get a strong and interesting script, I will take it. I have my fingers crossed.”

We too have our fingers crossed!!

As a parting note, Devoleena said, “This is my humble dedication to the whole of my Saathiya teams, fans and of course to Lord Krishna.”

Cheers!! May the Lord’s blessings always be on you!!

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