Hina Khan is busy with her sketching at the moment and will soon come up with a surprise for her fans.

Hina Khan has a BIG SURPRISE for fans

Hina Khan the gorgeous actress is trying to work out her time in the best possible way as she stays at home owing to the Lockdown in Mumbai as an aftermath of the Coronavirus threat.

Well, for Hina, sketching is a form of meditation and it requires high levels of concentration.

And now Hina is all into working on her sketches and has promised to show them to her fans as soon as she is ready.

Hina has a countdown to this and mentions that she will come up with her sketches soonest…

Check out Hina’s busy sketch mode right here.

Hina Khan has a BIG SURPRISE for fans 1


Hina, we eagerly wait to see your sketches…

Watch this space at IWMBuzz.com for updates.

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