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Priyamvada Kant’s emotional breakdown on MTV Splitsvilla X2

MTV Splitsvilla X2: Priyamvada Kant to break down

Let Bygones Be Bygones – some say so but that’s not the easiest thing to do with past relationships. Love that turned sour can haunt you for long and that’s precisely what happens in this week’s episode of Splitsvilla X2 on MTV. While Sunny Leone spices up the evening with a sizzling dance performance, the contestants welcome Prince and Yuvika as special guests.  The couple along with Rannvijay and Sunny will test the Romance, performance and chemistry of the contestants and whoever wins will get an advantage in the next task.

However, amidst this fun bae watch session, Priyamvada Kant breaks down emotionally talking when she opens up about undealt emotions in her past relationships and the effect it had on her mental health. She says, “I was in two serious relationships. The second one was very beautiful. It was very different because the man I was dating was not the kind of guy I would usually fall for. But we cared about each other and had same interests. But little fights started cropping up and our equation got affected. And before it gets really bad, we decided to break up. It did affect my mental health.”

Shrey supported Priyamvada through this like an ideal match and made for perfect awww moments! Commenting on this she said, “I’m a very sensitive yet emotionally strong person. I could’ve never imagined of making such strong bonds on a reality show. My friendships on Splitsvilla even though are of a short span but mean a lot to me. Shrey and I choosing each other made us, other contestants and the audience ecstatic but Jinal’s elimination broke me. She was my close friend in the villa and we spent all our time together. The thought of not having her around is disheartening. Jinal’s elimination made me realise that I really believe in my relationships on the show; those are very honest and are deeply effecting me.”

Who will win this entertaining task?

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