Piew Jana who is part of Star Plus’ Krishna Chali London is in deep pain after bit on her finger by her pet dog.

Piew Jana bit by her dog; faces possible amputation of ring finger

Piew Jana who is playing the male lead Radhey’s (Gaurav Sareen) elder sister, in Star Plus show, Krishna Chali London, is facing a major health crisis. She was recently bitten by her pet dog on her right hand ring finger, and the affected digit virtually broke into 2.

“I had gone back home to Gujarat for a few days to spend time with my family and fiancé. My pet terrier, who is very protective of my family, is still not very comfortable with my fiancé, and hence went to attack him. I entered the meleee to save him, and sadly, my finger ended up in his mouth. I was bitten on other parts of the body as well.”

Prior to Krishna Chali, Piew had done a smart part in the same production house’s other, Delhi-based Zee TV show, Zindagi Ek Mahek.

“While my family was in complete panic, I kept my cool and rushed to the hospital, where the doctor stitched my finger together and even put a rod inside. I am on complete bed rest for the next one month, as I am not allowed to move my finger. The bites on other parts of the body are not serious and will heal in due course.”

Piew is still not out of danger. “We will only come to know the real situation of the finger when the plaster is opened. Based on the prognosis, the doctors will decide whether to go for amputation or not. But I am confident that everything will be fine. My entire family is crying but I am the one who is telling them that ‘sab thik hoga’.”

“I did not even allow the doctors to sedate me during the operation. I kept them and the nurse in splits during the process. They were shocked to find a patient who is confident and happy,” she adds.

Piew did admit that she is in a lot of pain. “I am using music to calm myself down.”

When asked about shooting, she says, “I have informed my production house (Parin Multimedia), and they have graciously agreed to change the track a bit till I come back on the floor. Producer Saurabh Tewari Sir called me a fighter, saying it is not easy to take so much pain.”

Piew, hope your finger heals soon and you are back in the pink of your health!!

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