Producer Gul Khan goes LIVE with her blog on Valentine’s Day

Gul Khan opines that her blog will give her the platform she needs to express her thoughts and start a dialogue.

Producer Gul Khan goes LIVE with her blog on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s, let us gift her equality!!

With this very thought, Producer and Writer Gul Khan’s official blog kick-starts and gets LIVE on the D-day of Valentine’s Day today!!

Yes, the Producer who has given the classes and masses some fascinating love stories, tales that have carved the journey of empowerment of women, has decided to write her own personal blog to express her ideas with freedom, and debate and talk about topics under the sun that she has always loved to talk about!!

In her first article on her blog that has gone live today, Gul talks about the phrase that has been in her mind for sometime now, ‘Andhera hone se pehle ghar aa jaana’. She talks about how women are told to get back to their respective homes before dark. She questions why we don’t tell the women in our houses to earn money before getting married… why we do not teach them about responsibility sharing, so on and so forth!!

Well, this has only opened up new thoughts in everyone’s minds, and being an acclaimed writer herself, she has very well put forth the topic of Sexism!!

We even have Nakuul Mehta, her lead guy in the show Ishqbaaaz putting down his thoughts on about what he personally feels about this phrase. He talks about the day when men will ensure that there is enough light for the women in their houses, which will stop them from using the phrase ‘andhera hone se pehle aajana..’.

When contacted, Producer Gul Khan shared her thoughts behind coming up with her own blog. “When you do a TV show, there is lot of your personality and characteristics seen in that show. But it cannot be used as a tool of expression of your ideas. It is after all entertainment, and you are creating it for somebody as a show under certain guidelines. So the thought of coming up with a blog originated here, wherein you get a platform to express your ideas, express yourself , talk about how you feel. There are so many things to say about the world, about the society we live in, how you feel as a woman, as a daughter etc. So I will love to share my thoughts and welcome other people’s thoughts and experiences in life.”

“We all want to bring some amount of change, and there should be a platform where you can start a dialogue. Personal empowerment is equally important, hence this platform to express my thoughts and have a dialogue around it,” Gul shares.

For all those wanting to read and enjoy the thoughts arising out of the creative mind of Gul Khan, here is the link (

A good beginning we must say, Producer!!



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