Rajveer Singh is back on the set of Qurbaan Hua after a small break. Read for details.

Rajveer Singh resumes shoot for Qurbaan Hua after a personal emergency

Rajveer Singh the lead of Qurbaan Hua on Zee TV, the show produced by Full House Media is back and in action again!!

Yes, Rajveer who had himself battled with Covid-19 earlier, had resumed shoot. The new journey of Chahat (Pratibha Ranta) and Neel had started to engage audiences when Rajveer had to take yet another break from the shoot.

As per a reliable source, “Rajveer’s father was unwell, down with Covid-19. Hence the actor had to rush back home to tend to his ailing father. With his father being alright, and back on the recovery mode, Rajveer is now back on set.”

His absence had brought in a new track and had seen the entry of actress Akansha Sareen, who came in as Raseeli, who claimed to be the mother of Shlok. However, it is only Neel who knows the truth that Shlok is actually the son of Chahat. With Neel coming back, the drama will only escalate now!!

We buzzed Rajveer for a quote, but did not get through to him.

Are you all ready to see Neel and Chahat back in action?