Yesteryears actor-director, Colonel Raj Kumar Kapoor, the man who introduced Shah Rukh Khan, passes away.

Shah Rukh Khan remembers his Fauji director Raj Kumar Kapoor

Much-loved actor-director and erstwhile army man, Colonel Raj Kumar Kapoor, the man who introduced Shah Rukh Khan in Fauji, passed away in New Delhi on Thursday, 11 April, at the age of 87.

Colonel Raj Kapoor was a well-loved actor of the eighties and nineties, having acted in numerous Bollywood films, TVCs and TV shows. He was also a successful film-maker and director, credited with introducing Shah Rukh Khan with his cult show, Fauji.

The erstwhile army man, who fought three wars for India, drew upon his army experiences to make the realistic, successful show, Fauji, which had Shah Rukh Khan in the lead. Fauji went on to become one of the most memorable shows of the Indian TV industry.

Shah Rukh Khan expressed his grief on the Colonel’s passing away, with a heart-warming tweet.

The jovial Colonel, with his booming voice and impressive screen presence, will always be remembered by connoisseurs of good content.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family in its hour of grief. Rest in peace, Sir!

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