Papon, the popular singer and judge of &TV’s singing reality show, Voice India Kids has come under scrutiny after he allegedly kissed a minor girl, one of the contestants in the reality show!!

Papon who mentors the girl, was seen playing Holi with the kids participating in the reality show. The Facebook live video which features on the singer’s official page had Papon smearing color on the girl’s face, and later kissing her.

Upon seeing the video, Lawyer Runa Bhuyan lodged a complaint against the singer. The report claimed that the behaviour of Papon towards a minor girl wherein he is applying colors on her and inappropriately kissing her, was not called for, and has to be condemned.

Now, in accordance to the complaint lodged, the channel &TV has released an official statement on the matter which reads as below.

The release states, “We as a channel have always been focused on the safety, security and well-being of the contestants participating in our shows. We have always adhered to the NCPCR guidelines and our production house, Essel Vision Productions Limited has taken all precautionary measures required under NCPCR and other laws. We believe in nurturing talent with utmost sensitivity and care while we provide them the platform to showcase their aptitude.

As a responsible channel, we are extending complete support to all parties who are impacted by this incident and will stand by them to help them through this situation.”

Also, the concerned contestant’s father issued a statement which read, “Papon sir is a mentor and a father figure to my daughter and has always encouraged her to pursue her dreams. He doesn’t differentiate amongst the children who are here and gives them equal guidance on pursuing their dreams. What you saw in the video is not intentional. It was just a moment of affection that is being portrayed otherwise. I would request and urge the media to not pursue this further.”

Quite a strong statement coming from the channel and the girl’s father in reaction to media reports that have made headlines about singer Papon’s unruly behaviour!!

Let’s hope ‘music’ takes the centrestage again with respect to the mentor and the disciple!!