The very popular television actress Divyanka Tripathi has now reacted to the US abortion ruling, read here

In 1973, abortion was made legal nationwide, which is referred to as the Roe v Wade case, however, of late, the US Supreme Court has outlawed the particular constitutional right, followed by nationwide protest, saying, “Marching backwards” “No uterus no opinion” and more. While that, here let’s go back and talk about what “Roe V Wade” was all about!

Back in the year 1969, a 25-year-old single lady, Norma McCorvey utilizing the nom de plume “Roe”, tested the abortion regulations in Texas. The state precluded fetus removal as unlawful, besides in situations where the mother’s life was in harm’s way. Countering the termination was led by Henry Wade – the lead prosecutor for Dallas County – consequently Roe v Wade.

And now as the US has ruled out abortion rights, several celebs from around the globe all across, took it to their social media handles to speak up against it. Our very gorgeous tv actress Divyanka Tripathi too reacted to the same, on her official Twitter handle. She wrote, “It’s happening on the other side of the world…I’m still affected. They fought hard for it years back not to lose it again! Women from whichever ethnicity or nation, we are one and women should have a right to decide. #womenrightsarehumanrights,”

Later a user trolled Divyanka Tripathi for the same, saying, “Mujhe Aisa lg rha hai ki aap womens se khudse decision lene ka right chhene gya is wajah se aap women’s ki ego hurt hogyi.” To this, the KKK diva responded saying, “Exactly you fool! You were trying to be funny yet you got the point! You take away anyone’s right to decide, that will hurt! A child in the womb may have an anomaly or may be a result of rape or there can be other issues. Woman who brings up a child should have rights to choose.”

Reacting to the same, Siddharth Batra, a Supreme Court lawyer, India, said, “I think the US Supreme Court judgement on abortion goes on to show one fact the Indian Courts have reached a greater sense of maturity when it comes to social issues. The Supreme Court lately has weighed on public opinion and sentiments of the majority while giving judgements like triple talaq or decriminalizing homosexuality even though we may not be as open as the US. In a historic move to provide universal access to reproductive health services, India amended the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act 1971 to further empower women by providing comprehensive abortion care to all.”

Earlier, the president of the US, Joe Biden commented on the same saying, “The court has done what it has never done before: expressly taken away a constitutional right that is so fundamental to so many Americans. It’s a realisation of an extreme ideology and a tragic error by the Supreme Court in my view,” he further added how this ruling is taking the country 150 years back.

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