Colors’ opening episode of Chandrakantha will have a classy representation and introduction of the leads, Veer and Chandrakantha.

Colors’ magnum-opus fantasy presentation, Chandrakantha coming from the stables of Balaji Telefilms will launch tonight!!

Lot of expectations are connected to the show, and leads Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli hold a lot of promise in shouldering the responsibility of playing the protagonists in the classy fantasy tale.

Now what should viewers expect from the leads in the inaugural episode?

Well, the two leads Veer and Chandrakantha have been given fabulously enriching introductory sequences, is what we hear.

While Chandrakantha’s entry will be in a fantasy land amidst magical powers, Veer will be shown getting dirty in a fight, only to get cleansed to showoff his great physique and handsome stature.

As per sources, “The show will open up with Iravati (Urvashi Dholakia) getting all powerful by killing Ratnaprabha, the real mother of Chandrakantha. However, the mother before dying, will save her little daughter and hand it over to a dolphin with safety. The dolphin will be shown travelling with the kid in water and taking her to an away kingdom, Suryagadh. This way, the little Chandrakantha will get her foster parents in a family of fishermen.

Post this, cut to a 21 years leap will be shown and with it, will come the stunningly shot introduction of the leads.

Veer will be shown fighting with a group of men as they would roll and get dirty in mud water. With the men being thrown in air, punched mercilessly, viewers will get to see the power of the man in the very first episode. Cut to girls standing near Veer, ready to woo him and cheer him for his manliness, we will have a water sequence wherein the girls will throw water on a mud-covered Veer, only for the man to emerge clean, strong and smiling.

On the other hand, Chandrakantha will take the audience to the fantasy land wherein she will be seen with all the magical powers, in a land where magic will hold great prominence. Her beauty and her magic will be something out of the world, a real dream which will break along with Chandrakantha’s. Yes, this will be a dream sequence which Chandrkantha will visualize sleeping in her poor abode, the house of the fisherman family she will be brought up under.

Aww!! Do you find the sequence to be stunning and nice?

We buzzed the actors, but they were unavailable for comment.

Gear up for the big launch of Chandrakantha tonight on Colors, and of course, the introduction of the leads in the show.

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