Breakup’s and Make-Ups are what makes the serial Interesting and bring a twist and curiosity among the Audience regarding what happens next and also extend the serial. Let us see about the Break-ups & Make-ups and how Abhi and Pragya's relationship evolved over the years.

Break-ups & Make-ups: How Abhi and Pragya’s relationship evolved over the years

Abhi and Pragya are the leading and most loved Jodi of the popular serial Kumkum Bhagya. Their Fights, Love, Romance, Nokh-Jokh is all loved by the Audience and has grabbed the attention of many viewers.

The duo is absolutely loved by the audience. The Jodi is the epitome of an ideal couple and has shared bang-on chemistry on screen. The pair shares an impeccable bond and has great chemistry. They share a love-hate relationship on screen.

Break-ups & Make-ups: How Abhi and Pragya's relationship evolved over the years

This Popular Jodi is shown going through many ups and downs since the beginning. It seems there marriage as a relationship misses the true essence of married life which is love, trust, and respect because they can be seen facing makeups and breakup often in their marriage.

They both are seen getting apart from each other many times due to various reasons. Sometimes due to Alia, Family or their children. During the time of Kiara also they were parted from each for about 7-8 years and after that, they made it up and were together but later after the death of Kiara and they blessed with twins Reha and Prachi they again got apart from each other.
But in all this one thing that remains constant is their love and concern for each other. There are many breakups in their life but their bonding and chemistry are still strong and powerful with love increasing at every moment.

Break-ups & Make-ups: How Abhi and Pragya's relationship evolved over the years 1

Abhi and Pragya may have been bitter about spending their lives together despite their disapproval but over time, they started to understand each other. Such is the trend with most arranged marriages where time is crucial to accept one another’s plus points as well as flaws. Shabir Ahluwalia and Sriti Jha’s pairing was loved by the audience and still remains one of the telly world’s most-loved Jodis of all time. Their relationship on screen faced a lot of ups and downs. Pragya and Abhi’s chemistry is what made the audience love Kumkum Bhagya even more.

It seems that This Jodi of Indian Television had always evolved with more love and concern for each with each episode.

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