Producer Rahul Tewary’s first independent project Udne Ki Aasha on Star Plus is receiving good reviews. The show starring Kanwar Dhillon and Neha Harsora in the lead roles, talks about dreams and aspirations, and tells the story of many youngsters who are firm on family values and are on the path to achieving their dreams.

Says the Producer on his concept, “It signifies the value of dreams and aspirations of any individual, whether male or female. Everyone dreams about something or the other. The wings that our dreams give us are what keep us alive. We wish to achieve more, to go after what we desire. I think Udne Ki Aasha is a perfect substitute for the dreams of any person.”

Ask him what are the best compliments he has received so far, and he says, “One of my friends called me saying, ‘It is so relatable’. Such content has not been in the television space for quite some time. Our show talks about the youth, who are part of middle-class families. It’s about their struggle, and the fact that different people are of different mindsets.”

Talking about the realism aspect of the show, he says, “The main audience of our show is the youth, and they demand realistic content. The reason why all the digital series are shot in real locations, and not on set, is because of this reason. The youth desires realism in storytelling and creativity in terms of production design. There’s a lot of relatability that is acquired by what we bring to the table with Udne Ki Aasha.”

He adds, “We put a lot of hard work into making the show, and we hope that the show will be loved. The ratings will speak for themselves.”

Best of luck!!