Gaurav S Bajaj talks about his wife deary, career and more…

My wife encourages me to party solo at times – Gaurav S Bajaj

Gaurav S Bajaj, who has just entered &TV show, Siddhivinayak, is very lucky to have got an understanding and supportive better half.

“The biggest plus point in our relationship is that we fully trust each other.” Interestingly, Gaurav went against the tide and had an arranged marriage back in 2013.

“Sakshi jokingly tells me- do your thing, for at the end of the day you still have to come back to me. “Personally, I am very anti-social. She only pushes me to go out for parties; it is needed for networking, to an extent. And she asks me to go out solo as well, for that way I will be more comfortable.”

Hope other industry spouses were as trusting of their husbands, as you always see the wife in tow.

Shifting gear to the above Studio B&M show, Gaurav who is now doing a negative role, says, “It is one great character. I have just started shooting, so the graph will open up over time. The best part is that the creative and writer have given me full freedom to do my own thing. Doing a negative is better, for you can do much more as opposed to positive, where you can’t go beyond a line.”

He is also not worried that he will be typecast as the baddie. “Today, times have changed, and audiences are accepting of good work across genres. Also, I am confident of myself that I will continue to be as versatile as before,” says Gaurav, whose call to fame has been Sapno Se BhareNaina and Uttaran.

When asked about his absence from TV– it has been a while since Piya Rangrez shut shop two years back– he says, “I was not getting really juicy characters; plus the few shows did not work out as well. I used the break to further work on myself, and now I am back with a bang.”

All the best.

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