Meri Gudiya the Star Bharat show will see the huge drama with RV all set to marry Rathri. What will happen with Madhuri’s return?

Meri Gudiya: Raghavendra to MARRY Rathri?

Meri Gudiya the Star Bharat show produced by Writer’s Galaxy is in for some high-voltage drama with Raghavendra’s (Gaurav S Bajaj) marriage all set to happen with Rathri (Vidisha Shrivastava).

Well, the stage will be set for RV to marry Rathri. But the drama will happen when Madhuri (Aalisha Panwar) will get back, to stop the wedding.

As per a reliable source, “There will be a huge confrontation between RV and Madhuri wherein RV will refuse to believe that the girl in front of him is actually Madhuri. For him, Madhuri died before him, and he is not ready to accept this fact of her being alive.”

Will RV get married to Rathri? Or will Madhuri succeed in stopping the wedding?

We buzzed actors of Meri Gudiya but could not get through for comments.

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