Check which thing you like the most about Roadies!

4 Things We Liked About MTV Roadies!

As we all know, Roadies is a new platform to the youths. It is the show where the youths are allowed to verbally abuse whoever they want, talk rubbish, do stunts on TV, in short, it is the show to express what you feel. The show was born in the years 2003 with the main creators Raghu Ram, Rajiv Lakshman, and RJ Amit. But they left the show in 2017, to give a new chance for the young generation.

The show is running for the past 17 years and has 18 seasons. It is one of the longest shows telecasted on the telly or mostly on Voot.

We would like to say a few things we liked about Roadies:

Raghu Ram and Rajiv: Though you will think it is a stupid idea to bring a show like Roadies, they aren’t fooling at all. They thought a lot and put the show that would attract youths from all over India to their platform. They both managed to entertain in these 11 years.

4 Things We Liked About MTV Roadies! 2

The Drama: We loved to see how Raghu and Rajiv pulled the pants of the contestants and made them do stupid things on-screen. But after their exit, the new judges are leaving no stone unturned to make drama on the screen and the latest trend was of Neha Dhupia’s “It’s my choice”.

4 Things We Liked About MTV Roadies! 1

Manipulation: It is not always that if you are daring, honest and if follow the truth, then you will win the Roadies, you must be cunning and smart to manipulate the judges to get their trust and if you didn’t get this then why are you even here?

4 Things We Liked About MTV Roadies! 3

Swearing: We have an old tradition in India that we have to swear for every small thing. In the show also, we saw how the participants and contestants take swear to prove them correct. But after all, it is the luck which matters, right?

4 Things We Liked About MTV Roadies! 4

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