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Times when small and simple yet elegant Aurra Bhatnagar gave us major hair goals!

Barrister Babu Fame Aurra Bhatnagar’s Best Moments With LONG Hair

Head and Shoulder to Sunsilk and Tress me to Pantene, all the shampoo commercials present some of the greatest actresses showcasing the importance of having healthy and smooth hair. Well, in real life, hair is not up to the mark for many women but some of the actresses really have long and smooth hair which compliments their look. Among them, we have Barrister Babu’s, Aurra Bhatnagar.

Barrister Babu recently completed 100 episodes and we knew it had something different the moment we saw the show. With its outstanding script, some promising acting by the lead actors, and the background back in the ’90s, the show took the heart of all with ease. We see Pravisht Mishra playing the role of Anirudh Roy Choudhary who fights with all the society to make his wife Bondita Anirudh Choudhary aka Aurra Bhatnagar, a barrister.

Well, our princess Aurra Bhatnagar may seem a very serious and studious girl in Barrister Babu but in reality, she is very fun-loving. She loves to make new friends and she likes her co-star Pravisht Mishra a lot. They have made a special bond. Talking of Aurra, her looks in the show are very simple but in real life, she is very casual and loves to don different attires.

Aurra Bhatnagar’s hair is her special quality. Right from being the cutest girl on the set to flaunting her long hair, Aurra has come a long way. Her hair is straight and long and we saw her flaunting her hair on multiple occasions on her Instagram handle.

Take a look at some of her best moments with long hair:

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