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All seasons of Bigg Boss and its interiors revealed

Best of Bigg Boss House interiors from all the seasons

Since its first season in 2006, reality shows Bigg Boss had always been a hit on Indian Television, with people staying curious about what the show has kept in store for its next update. Keeping in mind the fact that the participants will have to stay within the Bigg Boss house walls for a longer period, the makers, along with comfort, ensure that the accommodation is also cheerful and aesthetically soothing for the housemates.

Over 11 years, the Bigg Boss house has been done up to suit the theme for the year. We’ve seen a
large aircraft marooned in the garden area during Season 8 to the Heaven and Hell concept in Season 7.
Omung and his wife, designer Vanita, worked with a team of 200 people for about 66 days to build the Bigg Boss 11 house.

The living area in the Bigg Boss 11 house is a pastiche of colors that creates visual noise. The walls
are peppered with pop art. One part of the bedroom wall is covered with monochromatic photographs where every frame plays with forms, lines, and shapes. The ceiling has been designed with a disco feeling in mind.

With a riot of color in its wall decor and equally inviting circular seating in the center of the living room, the Big Boss Season 9 house was a please to the eyes of those living in there. The outside seating was entirely made green and was a comfort for participants to chat or do late-night tasks there.

Placed at Lonavala, the Big Boss Season 8 house was decorated resembling the interior of an aircraft. Even the host Salman Khan made a grand entry, dressed as a pilot, coolly coming out of the cockpit of an airplane. Although the physical outlook of the house remained unchanged it was decorated with its new theme with wood, fur and leather furnishings.

Divided into two sections the Bigg Boss season 7 house was themed depicting the luxuries of Heaven and the animosities of Hell. With a pool and beach-like feeling, the heaven side of the house had a serenity with a floral touch while the Hell portion was designed in a dungeon-style.

Hope, you liked the interiors from most of the seasons….let us know which interior of BB house you
like the most?

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