So if you are still wondering if you are true Karan Patel’s die-hard fan then here we have something for you that can make your thoughts clear!

Are you die-hard Karan Patel fan? Take a test

Karan Patel is an Indian drama television actor who is praised for his role in fame serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatien which stars on on Star Plus. This show also stars Divyanka Tripathi in lead role with Karan where even she can’t stop drooling over Karan.

Since he is everyone’s favorite not only for the cast in the show but for also the fans all around the world. Since we all know that Karan is a big Shahrukh Khan fan, he always likes to match his dressing and tries tp to be the real king of Television.

So here are few statements that Karan’s fans are anxiously waiting

If you are a die-hard Karan Patel fan –

  1. Many actors will come and go but your only favorite will be one and only Karan Patel
  2. Whenever you see Divyanka with someone other than Karan Patel you will always think Karan was the best suit for her
  3. You are always stalking Karan on social media
  4. You are still watching the first episode not because you miss the show but to see how charming Karan was!
  5. You are always waiting for Karan Patel to make a comeback

So hope you said a big “Yeah” in your mind! If so then welcome to Karan Patel’s die-hard fan club!

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